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African American unarmed teenager shot by police. *silence*

Rich, white, old cis male kills himself. *mourning and social awareness*

African American unarmed teenager shot by police; hastags, raising of awareness of police brutality and getting more people to realise that what the police are able to do is not okay. 

'Rich, white old cis male kills himself'; mourning because he was a BELOVED ACTOR who most of us GREW UP WITH. Robin Williams committing suicide is one of the worst things I've heard this week.

People can mourn for both Michael Brown and Robin Williams. They were both loved members of their society and neither is good news.

I also notice you completely erased Michael Brown’s identity, instead calling him an ‘african american teen’. You could have easily put Michael Brown who was unarmed, but you didn’t.

Leigh, that’s really shitty. Do not erase either identity.

Mike Brown = police corruption awareness

Robin Williams = mental illness awareness

Leigh, you are an ableist.

- Number 1

Hmmm…if I remember correctly there is currently a riot going on over the death of Mike.

BAH you are right. No one gives a shit about that African American teen. Nope nope. Just a whole bunch of police and regular people hanging out.

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